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The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) offers a lucrative salary package, promising career advancement, and job security to its Multi-Tasking Staff (Non-Technical) employees. This has established SSC MTS as an enticing job opportunity for individuals who have completed their 10th grade and are seeking stable employment prospects. The 7th Pay Commission has recently revised the salary structure for SSC MTS employees, aligning it with Level 1 of the Pay Matrix. Additionally, various allowances such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Travel Allowance (TA), and the National Pension System (NPS) further enhance the compensation package. In this article, we comprehensively explore the in-hand salary, pay scale, career progression, job responsibilities, allowances, and other pertinent aspects of the SSC MTS salary. Read this article till below to get complete information.

SSC MTS Salary 2023- Overview:-

OrganizationStaff Selection Commission
CategorySSC MTS Salary 2023
MTS SalaryVariable
Job TypeGovernment
SSC MTS 2023 Posts12529 Posts
LocationAll India
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MTS Salary Structure:-

In consonance with the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, the in-hand SSC MTS salary typically falls within the range of Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 22,000 per month. The exact figure is contingent upon the specific job role and the city of posting. The fundamental components of the salary structure are as follows:

SSC MTS PostGrade Pay_1800Grade Pay_1800Grade Pay_1800
CitiesX (Tier I)Y (Tier II)Z (Tier III)
Basic PayRs. 18000Rs. 18000Rs. 18000
Housing Rent AllowanceRs. 4320Rs. 2880Rs. 1440
Dearness AllowanceNILNILNIL
Travelling AllowanceRs. 1350Rs. 900Rs. 900
Gross SalaryRs. 23670Rs. 21780Rs. 20340
National Pension SystemRs. 1800Rs. 1800Rs. 1800
CGHSRs. 125Rs. 125Rs. 125
CGEGISRs. 1500Rs. 1500Rs. 1500
Total DeductionRs. 3425RS. 3425Rs. 3425
SSC MTS In-Hand SalaryRs. 20245Rs. 18355Rs. 16915

SSC MTS In Hand Salary:-

The SSC MTS In-Hand Salary represents the actual amount that an employee receives after all necessary deductions have been taken into account. The in-hand salary for SSC MTS positions is subject to variation based on the city of employment and other factors. Here are some key insights regarding the SSC MTS In-Hand Salary:

  1. Basic Pay: The core component of the SSC MTS salary is the basic pay, which stands at Rs. 18,000 per month.
  2. Allowances: The SSC MTS salary structure encompasses several allowances, including Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Transport Allowance (TA).
  3. Dearness Allowance (DA): DA is computed based on the cost of living in the specific city of employment and is adjusted twice a year to account for inflation and changing economic conditions.
  4. House Rent Allowance (HRA): The HRA component varies depending on the city of posting and typically ranges from 24% to 27% of the basic pay. This variation is designed to offset the differing costs of living across different cities.
  5. Transport Allowance (TA): TA is provided to assist with transportation expenses associated with commuting to and from work.
  6. Deductions: The SSC MTS In-Hand Salary is subject to deductions, which may include contributions to the Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), and Income Tax (IT).
  7. Net In-Hand Salary: After all necessary deductions have been accounted for, the SSC MTS In-Hand Salary typically falls within the range of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000 per month. The exact amount may vary based on individual circumstances and tax regulations.

In addition to the in-hand salary, SSC MTS employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package that encompasses medical facilities, retirement benefits, and the option to encash accumulated leave days.

SSC MTS Highest Salary:-

The SSC MTS or Multi-Tasking Staff examination is highly sought after by 10th-grade candidates in India. The salary for individuals selected through the SSC MTS exam is contingent upon several factors, including job location, posting, and additional benefits. However, the SSC MTS Highest Salary attainable by employees can range from approximately Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. Achieving this level of compensation typically requires individuals to accumulate experience over several years, accompanied by promotions, salary increments, and other associated benefits.

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) administers various non-gazetted Group C positions within the Central Government service. These Group C roles are non-ministerial and encompass a pay scale ranging from Rs. 5,200 to Rs. 20,200, featuring a Grade Pay of Rs. 1,800. It is important to note that the specific SSC MTS Salary is determined by the location of the employee, with different cities offering distinct salary structures to account for the varying cost of living and other considerations.

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SSC MTS After 7th Pay:-

The SSC MTS salary structure, following the 7th Pay Commission, is designed to offer competitive compensation to Multi-Tasking Staff in various cities, taking into account factors such as the cost of living and other considerations. Here’s a breakdown of the SSC MTS salary structure in different tier-wise cities:

SSC MTS PostMTS (GP 1800)MTS (GP 1800)MTS (GP 1800)
Tier-Wise CitiesX – Tier IY – Tier IIZ – Tier III
Basic Pay180001800018000
Gross Salary236702178020340
Total Deduction342534253425
In-Hand SalaryRs.20245/_Rs.18355/_Rs.16915/_

SSC MTS Salary_ Allowances and Schemes:-

The salary of an SSC MTS (Multi-Tasking Staff) employee is composed of various components, including basic pay, allowances, and benefits. Here, we delve into some of the crucial allowances and schemes that constitute an SSC MTS employee’s overall compensation:

  • House Rent Allowances (HRA): HRA is a percentage of the employee’s basic pay, and its rate varies depending on the city of residence. It ranges from 24% to 8%, with higher percentages typically applicable in cities with a higher cost of living.
  • Dearness Allowance (DA): DA is a percentage of the employee’s basic pay, adjusted periodically based on the prevailing inflation rate. It typically varies between 17% and 28%.
  • Transport Allowance (TA): TA is an allowance provided to cover transportation expenses incurred by the employee while commuting to and from work. The amount varies based on the city of residence and the employee’s grade, ranging from Rs. 1,350 to Rs. 3,600 per month.
    • Pension Scheme (NPS): NPS is a retirement savings scheme that offers financial security to employees during their post-retirement years. Both the employee and the employer make contributions to the NPS account, ensuring a steady income stream after retirement.

Insurance Schemes (CGHS and CGEGIS):

  • Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS): CGHS provides medical care benefits to employees and their dependents, ensuring access to quality healthcare.
  • Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS): CGEGIS offers life insurance coverage to employees, with the premium deducted from the employee’s salary.

Post Retirement Benefits: SSC MTS employees are entitled to various post-retirement benefits, which enhance their financial security and well-being during retirement. These benefits include:

  • Pension: A regular income stream provided to retired employees.
  • Provident Fund (PF): A savings plan that can be withdrawn upon retirement, serving as a financial safety net.
  • Gratuity: A one-time payment made to employees upon retirement.
  • Leave Encashment: The option to convert unused leave days into cash, providing additional financial support during retirement.

These allowances and schemes collectively contribute to the comprehensive and appealing compensation package offered to SSC MTS employees.

SSC MTS Salary After 5 Years
YearBasic PayAnnual IncrementDearness AllowanceHouse Rent AllowanceTransport AllowanceGross Salary
118,0005402,5204,3201,350Rs. 26,730/-
218,5405562,8994,4161,350Rs. 27,761/-
319,0965723,2794,5121,350Rs. 28,809/-
419,6695903,6594,6081,350Rs. 29,966/-
520,2596074,0384,8781,350Rs. 32,238/_

SSC MTS Career Growth:-

Career growth opportunities for SSC MTS (Multi-Tasking Staff) employees are available based on their performance and completion of specific terms of service. These promotions come with corresponding increments, leading to an increase in the SSC MTS salary. Here is a breakdown of the promotions and the associated increments:

PromotionYear of serviceIncrement
1st Promotion3 years of serviceRs. 1900/_
2nd Promotion3 years of serviceRs. 2000/_
3rd Promotion5 years of serviceRs. 2400/_

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What is SSC MTS Salary?

The SSC MTS salary includes a basic pay of Rs. 18,000/month, with HRA, TA, and DA varying by location. Benefits encompass NPS, CGHS, and CGEGIS, with opportunities for promotions and increased earnings.

What is SSC MTS Salary after 05 years?

After 5 years of service, an SSC MTS employee can expect promotions and a corresponding salary increase, with potential increments of up to Rs. 2,400/-, enhancing their overall earnings.

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